A Simple, Fun Approach to Breaking Logjams


Have you ever felt stuck for a solution to a problem?  Wondered how to be a more effective leader and advance your team’s goals in new ways? Interested in bringing together people with diverse needs and views? Eager to see initiatives that go outside of the usual and get leaders to run organizations with inspiration?

Imagine unleashing creativity, improving communication, building a stronger team, reducing stress and enhancing self-worth all in one session.  An innovative approach to team work can break a stranglehold on the status quo and advance relationships on teams of all kinds including boards, committees, or in the workplace. Research proves that facilitated drumming (Yes! Drumming in Circles) can stimulate conversations and further relationships, even in just under two hours.

So look on the web and find a Drum Circle Facilitator near you, TODAY!…it’s a fast and fun way to clear away logjams, which will allow your organization to be more interactive, more responsive and more responsible.

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