In his 40 years as a successful serial entrepreneur in the arts, and as a consultant and retreat facilitator for Creatives and forward thinking companies, Robert Fishbone continues to teach the importance of balancing innovative thinking with a firm business foundation. Having experienced The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of being an artist, and being an entrepreneur, he has learned, “Success takes perseverance, and you have to be willing to ask for help; to set your ego aside. To keep from being stuck or stale, remember to shake things up from time to time. And always look at the world with the refreshing eyes and ears of an artist, because you’ll discover that:

“Opportunities are Everywhere, All the Time, Waiting For You”

…and as his clients have discovered:


“Robert Fishbone was brought in to move our organization up a notch in creativity and problem solving. He was amazing. Months later our staff has continued to reference things he said and did.”

Bob Zeffert, CEO – Zeffert & Associates

You will learn how to solve problems more creatively.


“Robert was very confidence inspiring as the retreat facilitator because he was sure-footed in his explanations and guidance and inserted himself the appropriate amount… this retreat stayed fresh and engaging.”

Richard Tao – Architect and Men’s Fashion Wear Designer

You will become eager to contribute.


“Your sense of fun and approach to creativity was the perfect complement to our all firm event.”

Harvey C. Wallace, CEO – Brown Smith Wallace

You will experience that meetings can be fun, and productive.


“Fishbone’s ability to attract a diverse, creative group is one of his advantages as a facilitator…the mix of participants was the best part of the retreat. Hearing the challenges of people in one-person or very small businesses-in very different fields-was fascinating.

Eric Von Schrader – Non-Obvious Solutions”

You will see that you are not alone, and others will help you.


“Thanks for all of your hard work on the awesome opening ceremonies at our annual convention in Indianapolis…we received rave reviews.”

Laura Stack – 2011-2012 Pres. National Speakers Association

You will learn how to jazz up your presentations.


“We had the fortunate opportunity to work with Robert during a time of historic chaos and growth. Our people learned to work smarter, trust one another more and think of creative solutions for complicated business problems.”

Don Goldman, CEO – Goldman Promotions

You will learn how to simplify chaos and work more productively.


“Thanks for gently and honestly pointing out what was making my message less powerful, even though I was sure my idea was brilliant. Additionally, your suggestion of a funding source was excellent.  I have already begun research on their corporate web site.”

Libby Reuter – Watershed Cairns Awareness Project

You will learn how to listen with an open mind.


“Robert Fishbone’s success in applying creativity and ingenuity to the business world is impressive. He is a master stroryteller and performer who has found a way to entertain while informing clients about the best ways to infuse work with a creative spark.”

Nancy Margulies, CEO – World Café / Mindscapes

You will learn how to identify and use creative sparks.


“When we carefully planned a gathering of over five hundred artists and creatives to make a Big Announcement, we focused on our content but forgot one of the most important things – SPARKS! Robert Fishbone was the first to notice this and came to RAC with a proposal to add just that. Robert ‘played’ the audience like a maestro and the crowd became animated and engaged.  He set the tone for an exciting evening in which the audience was fully involved and captivated for our big announcement.”

Roseann Weiss – Director of Community Art & Public Art Initiatives – St. Louis Regional Arts Commission

You will learn the value of ‘raising your hand quickly’.


“As a group, we are now more in-tune with each other’s needs. Everyone has been more friendly and willing to cooperate since the retreat.”

Toni Lebeau – Webster Dental Care

You will be glad you asked for help.


“The retreat gave folks like me, who spend many days alone, a chance to be with others in a supportive social setting.”

Guy Mott, CEO – Adventure Tree – Recreational Tree Climbing and Experiential Education

You will be glad you attended the retreat.

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