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You are reading this because in some way you or your organization is stuck, unable to think flexibly about specific business problems or creative challenges. Robert Fishbone will guide you to the best path and tools to work with those obstacles to scale your success. Benefits to you and your organization include:

Being able to assess a situation without bias.
Being able to uncover and implement creative solutions to challenges.
 Being able to generate movement and foster change.
Being able to work better as a team.
Being able to identify opportunities for new products, services and clients.


One on One

One-on-One Consulting

Are you facing a business challenge like finding new markets for your products and services, or how to best market those offerings? Are you experiencing sudden growth and not sure how to plan for that success? Do you think it’s time to transition from your current work into something different? Do you just want to reclaim your natural talents? more


Retreats For Individuals and Businesses

Retreats with Robert FishboneThere is nothing like being in a comfortable and intimate setting among a group of entrepreneurs and artists to get the creative juices flowing and establish a clear plan to make your ideas real. You will be a part of a diverse group, specially assembled to maximize a wide range of experience and viewpoints. Everyone arrives with a goal or challenge, ready to both support the success of everyone else and accept help; you will depart invigorated and inspired, plan in hand.

A typical 9-5, day long retreat is as follows:  more

Productivity Through Percussion

Productivity Through Percussion
Imagine being able to reduce stress, enhance communication and begin to build a better team in one to two hours. And have fun doing it….

A drumming event led by facilitator Robert Fishbone does just that. With 40 years as a serial entrepreneur he knows all about business challenges. And with a lifetime as a musician and instrument collector, he knows how to make it easy and fun. More than a passing fad, corporate and office drumming events are happening across the US and around the world.
Ideal for 10-20 participants at a time, this is for…  more