Fourteen Entrepreneurship Tips


I recently made a presentation on Creative Approaches to Entrepreneurship to the St. Charles, MO Chamber of Commerce.  They were a very open and receptive audience, genuinely looking for ways to improve their businesses.  After the talk, I followed up with fourteen entrepreneurship tips:

•••Love your Crazy Ideas, be fearless

•••Hang with positive people

•••Embrace risk taking throughout your whole organization; learn from mistakes, don’t punish bravery

•••Be prepared for the unknown, plan for success

•••Don’t be afraid to evolve with the the changing times and changing market landscape

•••Network constantly, especially with people outside of your familiar field

•••Use social media as a way to contribute to the discussion; this will help to establish you as an expert thus driving traffic to your content rich web site; inquiries and sales will more likely follow this methodology

•••Does your business look open and inviting? Open extends to all the ways the public comes in contact with you: actual place of business, ads, business card, PR & marketing literature, networking meetings, social media

•••Is it easy to understand what you do, what you offer?  Keep it simple

***Does your business target a niche?  Is it too limiting…does your public image unknowingly restrict who may want to buy your products or services?  Can you reach other clients by changing, adding or subtracting something simple?

•••Look for alternative meanings and uses for things that have become familiar; read your old marketing literature for ideas

•••Look for ways to reinvent, rename and reposition your established products and services for new niche markets; using the web, a new niche market can be tens of thousands of potential new customers

•••Break patterns to unleash creativity and innovation; start with something as simple as rearranging your work space, and most importantly,

•••Have FUN!

This is not a comprehensive list to start, run or grow a business, nor does it follow a set order, but it does inject some creativity into the process of evaluating your current state and moving forward. Remember, it’s often the obvious stuff that gets overlooked.  And if something seems way too complicated, you got it, there is likely a simpler way to proceed.  When in doubt, pause and ask for help. You’ll be glad you did.

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