Music Can Help You Scale Your Success


Higher Octave: 8 Steps to Scale Your Success
(Key points from a talk by Robert Fishbone)

Scale your success: what does that mean? Not to want to just double your profits or the impact of what you do, but to grow it tenfold…to become a player.

For the corporate world, small business, even for a sole owner, the principle is the same: one courageous step at a time.

In the musical scale, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do, each note is a step, leading to the next step, always closer to your goal, creating melody and harmony. Using music as both tool and metaphor, you can:
See, hear, and understand what’s really happening in your business
Use your existing resources to move toward your goal
Uncover opportunities for growth hidden in plain sight, and
Connect with your clients at a deeper level, one that engages their heart (and yours):

Do: Call it moolah or samoleons or greenbacks, but whatever you want to call it, it’s all about the money. Money is the grease that will allow you to spread your influence and vision. If you think your business is about something else, start over.

Re: A drop of golden sun really is a beautiful image. But what are you shining a light on in your business? Do you use a laser and micromange, or a room light to maintain an overall strategic vision? Be aware of the choices you are making as a leader.

Mi: So you think just because you started your business it’s all about you? Ha! Once you said Open For Business, you went into the Customer Service business, because that is what we all do, Serve Our Customers. And to do that takes a motivated and inspired team. Set your ego aside and realize it’s about everyone else but you.

Fa: How far do you want to take it? A local business, being a local expert? How about going national, international, or becoming a web phenom? Want the thrill of adding that second comma when you make your first million? Or opening an overseas office, or supporting a micro-finance network in a third world country, or becoming an arts patron? Everything you do should support your vision.

Sol: Where is the poetry in what you do? What stories do you tell that can be easily repeated, that the media and public will gobble up. What is the heart and soul of your business?. If you are not appealing to the emotions of your customers, you are just like everyone else, doing the same stuff they do.

La: LA! LA! LA! What are you doing for fun? Life is about living, about feeling and being alive. A healthy work/life balance is absolutely necessary if you want to be mildly or wildly successful in what you do. You’ll start and end the day with a smile.

Ti: Business is all about relationships, that’s where things really happen. So who are you taking to tea, or coffee or meeting for after hours socializing? Every week, have a thirty minute, uninterrupted talk with someone from another field. Just make sure you listen with an open mind and speak with an open heart. You will both be more willing to see it and tell it like it is…and in a year you will have had 52 revealing conversations….52!

Which brings us back to the Dough, the means to getting things done, to seeing your dreams really happen.

Remember that each step is both an awareness and one easily achievable task a day which will lead to scaling the influence and success of your business.

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