One-on-One Consulting

Are you facing a business challenge like finding new markets for your products and services, or how to best market those offerings?  Are  you are experiencing sudden growth and are not sure how to plan for that success? Do you think it’s time to transition from your current work into something different? Do you just want to reclaim your natural talents?

To discover what you really want out of work and life you need the help of a guide who is not afraid of transformation, who laughs in the face of overwhelming odds, who knows how to turn a crazy idea into the seed of success. Someone who speaks and advises from real world experience.

Robert Fishbone has not only helped many entrepreneurs and creative professionals look at redefining their work/life balance, and then create a plan to follow, he has been through it all himself.  With forty years as a successful serial entrepreneur in the arts, with all The Good, The Bad and The Ugly that goes with it, you know he will be speaking from real world experience.

“Fishbone is a master of reinvention. Most valuable was his ability to envision new possibilities for my business–new audiences, new markets, even new products.”             – Jennifer Macadam Miller, Owner Reading Habitat

But you need to ask yourself, are you willing to commit to have change happen in your life and work? If not, then all the encouragement in the world will not get you anywhere. And willingness is the one thing we have control over. So, ask yourself again:

Are you willing to truthfully answer probing questions?

Are you willing to be supported in change?

Are you willing to be held accountable?


If so, please take the first step by getting in touch today:  Let’s Talk