Opportunities are everywhere, all the time, waiting for us.


I entered Antioch College as a Biochemistry major, though with no real visions of where that would lead me.  I think I chose that because my older brother had already taken theoretical physics. Antioch had a ground breaking Co-op program and one of my jobs was a six month stint at MIT in a high powered lab, and I thought of it as a dream fulfilled.  One day while preparing heavy atom compounds in a giant ventilation hood for our work with spectroscopy on T-RNA, donned in heavy gloves, a respirator and protective glasses, I heard myself say, “I hate this shit!”. With an interest in photography borne out of the strange experience of an uncle giving me a camera for my Bar Mitzvah, and not money like everyone else, I appointed myself the lab photographer. I then switched to the photography department when I returned to campus and promptly realized , “I’m an artist”.

What I learned:  Some of us have a goal but not the tools to get there.  Others of us have expertise but don’t know what to do with it.  Often times there is a disconnect because there is really is something else we are meant to do.  But we miss it because we are stuck in a rut of comfortable familiarity, which keeps us unaware.  We need something or someone to gently jar us.  Sometimes the decision needs to be to go even deeper, other times, switch paths.  Either way it takes courage.  Be open to help.  It could be a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a coach, an article you read, a You Tube video you stumble upon, even a comment you overhear…but you need to have your antennae out and turned on.

That said you also needs times of quiet and solitude to balance all the input.  That is when your heart’s desire will make itself known.

Just remember: Opportunities are everywhere, all the time, waiting for us.

Are you ready?

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