“Fishbone’s ability to attract a diverse, creative group is one of his advantages as a facilitator… the mix of participants was the best part of the retreat. Hearing the challenges of people with one-person or very small businesses –in very different fields– was fascinating.”

– Eric Von Schrader, Non-Obvious Solutions


OPEN Retreats

There is nothing like being in a comfortable and intimate setting among a group of entrepreneurs and artists to get the creative juices flowing and establish a clear plan to make your ideas real. You will be part of a diverse group of 8 people, specially assembled to maximize a wide range of experience and viewpoints. Everyone arrives with a goal or challenge, ready to both support the success of everyone else and accept help; you will depart invigorated and inspired, new plan in hand.

IN HOUSE Retreats for existing businesses

Similar to the OPEN Retreat, except it is designed to combine team building with problem solving within your company. You are encouraged to come with specific business challenges that we will work on throughout the day. Ideal for 8-10 people, the goal is always to become inspired and take action.

A typical 9-5, day long retreat is as follows:

  • Arrive and schmooze
  • Ice breaker in the music room to get the creative juices flowing
  • Individual / company challenges and goals are then presented in the meeting room
  • Groups of 3-4 go off and do a deep dive with each others’ projects
  • Break (refreshments provided)
  • Report results of deep dives to the whole group, discuss each
  • Delicious Lunch (provided)
  • Back in the music room to restart our engines
  • Second deep dive in new groups of 3-4
  • Break (refreshments provided)
  • Back to meeting room for longer, more focused discussions
  • Sharing of action-step plans, listing of take-aways
  • Celebrate completion of the day with final music room session.

Note about OPEN Retreats: Group size is limited to eight participants, plus the facilitator. Because a diverse mixture of talents and backgrounds makes for a productive session, not all applicants for an OPEN Retreat may be accepted for a given day.

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