Products Designed and Marketed Worldwide

From 1991 through 2006 Fishbone’s company designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed over 200 products in 20 countries. Sold primarily at museums, music stores and gift shops, they became recognized as leaders in their marketplace. While most designs were original, even the ones that parodied famous artworks, they also worked directly with a wide variety of clients to develop products to use for their own marketing and merchandising programs. Fishbone’s signature creation, the Scream inflatable, has had total sales of over 450,000 units, and is still being sold. In 2009 he wrote a book, Selling the Scream, which is the roller coaster story of his 35 years as an entrepreneur. Fishbone became an in-demand speaker on creative approaches to entrepreneurship, and now uses that same knowledge to help start-ups identify and capitalize on opportunities hidden in plain sight.

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