Taking the Leap in Business and in Life


So, what are you waiting for?

Remember when you were a kid and you decided to finally go off the high dive?  You were excitedly waiting on line with your friends who had already done it…they didn’t seem nervous at all.  Then it was your turn to climb the ladder.  You looked up.  It was tall but it didn’t seem all that bad.  Half way up the ladder though it began to grow more and more steps until by the time you got to the top it was the tallest thing around and at least a hundred feet down to the water.

You watched the person in front of you charge off the end of the board screaming and fall forever until they cannon balled into the pool.

You were told to wait until they came up before taking your turn.  But why were they still under water?  Did something go wrong?  Were they all right?  Were they drowning?  Finally they appeared, smiling…huh!

OK, you can do it.  Walk to the end.  But the farther out you go the more the world around you bounces up and down.  You pull your arms into your chest and feel your heart beating like it’s going to burst right out of you.  This is crazy. Why oh why did you climb that ladder?

You turn and see kids all the way down to the ground, looking at you like, “OK, jump already!”

You are scared but know you can’t go back down.  You look at the water, at the line of kids, out at the adults sitting in their chairs, at the water again and slowly take the last steps to the end of the board and then someone behind you shouts, “Jump” and you obey, leaping up and out.  For a moment you are motionless and weightless and then you begin to fall down but the illusion is that everything else is going up and it all turns blurry and you hear someone screaming and then you realize it’s you and after forever there is a loud Splash! as you hit the water and you go under and then all is suddenly silent…….you open your eyes to a million bubbles through which you see phantom shapes in the distance…it’s wonderfully warm and comforting.  Then you realize you are alive and need air and rise to the surface to breathe.  You swim to the side of the pool where a waiting friend asks “So, how was it?”, to which you automatically reply, “That was great, let’s do it again!”

You are fearless and now you can do anything.

Remember this: it doesn’t matter if you are thinking about a product, a service, an innovation within a company, or a major life change.  By having confidence in yourself, by valuing your dream, by finding the right assistance you too can begin the process of making your own Crazy Idea a reality. Sound good?  Ready?   JUMP!

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