Virtual Music Room Tour

Robert Fishbone has had a life long passion for music making and has amassed a collection of over 300 instruments from all over the world.  And while he can make music on all of them, his greater pleasure is bringing people into his music room and inspiring them to explore their own creativity, to find their original voice. During each of his day long Retreats, participants get to drum, and then try out anything else they want, as Fishbone conducts them into a cohesive ensemble. We then use the experience as a metaphor for a wide variety of business and creative processes.  Eye opening? Yeah!   Fun? You betcha!   (Use the controls below the image to scroll and zoom…how many instruments can you identify? Which ones would you like to try out for yourself?)

Intrigued? Want to find out how to join a Retreat? Please get in touch today:  Let’s Talk